About Me

I am Paula Romang, a writer and a teacher.  I am most passionate about pursuing authentic faith and encouraging others to do the same. I teach truth in down-to-earth ways through writing. My goal is to encourage others to pursue a genuine relationship with God through real life-change.

Scripture teaches that rock-solid faith is most successfully built through prayer and ongoing engagement with God’s Word within the context of genuine community.  When we practice prayer and continue engaging with truth in community, our faith will be transformed into a tenacious, soul-sustaining relationship with the Living God. I have found that resilient faith truly is the power-source that can sustain us through any circumstance—whether the ebb and flow of daily living, heartbreak or adversity.

I am a wife, boy-mom and woman of deep faith. This gritty, tenacious faith was birthed through heartache and loss. One of my sons suffered for twelve years with severe disabilities, and is now in Heaven. (Click below to read his story.)  My desire is to lead others on this life-changing adventure where our deepest longings are satisfied in Him, where strongholds crumble beneath the onslaught of truth, and where we are infused with holy power to accomplish eternal work in His name.

Won’t you join me?