Divinity In Disguise


Divinity In Disguise

He looked so ordinary. There was nothing unusual about the local carpenter.
Everyone knew His family; He was simply one of them—or was He?

Rumors lingered in the dusty streets and whispered at the kitchen doors.
John the Baptizer emphatically referred to Jesus as “. . . the Lamb of God—Who takes away the sin of the world!”.  Extraordinary events surrounded His baptism—thundering heavenly affirmations and a descending, dove-like Spirit. He disappeared for forty days, emerging from the desert, physically spent, yet emanating resolute purpose and vitality.

He began leading a small band of disciples, then, at a country wedding, He revealed He was far from ordinary.  To a trusted few, He allowed a glimpse into His true identity—The One from Eternity Past, on earth for a rescue mission.

In John 2, the scene plays out. Jesus and His disciples are wedding guests. During the festivities, the wine ran out; there is nothing to serve the guests. Jesus asked the servants to fill ordinary water pots with plain water, and by an act of His will, He transformed the substance within the stone jars from water into wine. Ordinary men do not do that.

If He is not an ordinary man, who is He? A miracle worker? Was He one of the prophets of old resurrected? Was He that prophet, whose coming they anticipated?  

His miracle answered several questions.

He was not just an ordinary man, as ordinary men do not perform miracles.

He was not just another prophet like Moses or Elisha
There were striking differences afoot with Jesus.
Jesus’ power was higher, deeper, more ancient, and authoritative.

Moses made bitter water sweet by placing a tree in the water that God pointed out to Him. (Exodus 15:22-25)

Elisha made a polluted spring pure by adding salt. (2 Kings 2:19-22)

Jesus added nothing to the water. There is no record of Him standing near the water pots, no public prayer, no slight-of-hand showmanship. Quiet, unobtrusive, yet unmistakably real. Though unaware of its origins, the master of the feast deemed it “choice wine”.
Clear water was poured in and wine was ladled into cups.

What if it were true?
What if He truly was God in human form?
It would change everything!

Who has power of over the created world except the One who created it?

Who can transform one substance into another by an act of the will, except the One who created every substance in Heaven and on earth?

If He isn’t an ordinary man….
Or an ancient prophet resurrected….
yet holds authority over matter at will, who is He?

If He is of divine origin, why was He here?
Why would Deity be in Galilee, at a country wedding?

We can find our answers within the pages of scripture.

Jesus, as God, was here among His created people in order to redeem us back from the enemy of our souls. He is the One Who would crush the serpents’ head, as first prophesied in Genesis 3:15.

He was God veiled in human flesh, The Firstborn over All Creation, here on earth for a covert rescue mission, as detailed in Colossians 1:13-22.

He would pay the ransom for our souls with His own divine, yet human blood. He would become both the Shepherd and the Passover Lamb as prophesied in Ezekiel 34:15-16 and Isaiah 53.

God Incarnate dancing and feasting at a country wedding.

God Incarnate, revealing Himself to His disciples and to household servants with a miracle.

God, advancing the next phase of His rescue mission, not in Jerusalem among the religious and intellectual elite, but among common people.

The questions swirling in the air at the wedding in Cana hangs in the air even today.
Each of us must answer those questions for ourselves.

Who is this Jesus?
If He is truly here from eternity past—why?
What does He want with us and for us?

He wants to rescue us.
He came to redeem our souls from the kingdom of darkness and bring each of us into the kingdom of light. He wants to give each of us hope and a future. Whether we accept the good gifts He offers depends on our answer to His question?

Who do you say I am?




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