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On Sundays, we read Scripture, sing of grace, and quietly pray.
Some simply observe, while others experience something powerful.
Why the disparity between worshipper’s experience?
Is “worship” the songs preceding the sermon?
Is it a reverent attitude with which we approach God?
Could it be both, and more?
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We picked our way down a narrow footpath,
the golden beam of the flashlight bobbing ahead of us a few paces.
It illuminated the dirt path just enough for me to take my next few steps and catch the glint of critters’ eyes in the underbrush.
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Do not merely listen to the Word, Sisters, and so deceive yourselves.
Do what it says.
Anyone who listens to the Word and does not apply it
is like a man who looks at his face in a mirror,
and after looking at himself,
goes away and forgets what he looks like.
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Dear Jesus, 
I’m caught in a vicious cycle. I like to work and I’m good at it.
I feel valuable from being productive.
I enjoy the accolades and approving nods that follow great accomplishment.
want to give You my best, Jesus! 
I want to please You.
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We are a society of the Self-Made. We pride ourselves on being the DIY-ers.
We are those with a gritty, “git’er done” work ethic.
Accomplishment appeals to our ingenuity, our “pull ourselves up the bootstraps” mentality,
our self-sufficiency…..our pride.  
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The air was thick with silence.
When we did speak, it dripped with sarcasm and Rachel’s snobbery.
Her disapproval of my sons was evident.
I, Leah the unlovely, often reminded her that she had no children; she needn’t concern her with mine!
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Rachel was beautiful, with dancing dark eyes, a beguiling smile and willowy figure. She would bring a handsome bride-price. I lived in her shadow—forgettable, homely.
Papa joked that he’d have to pay someone to take me!
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The wound refused to heal.
The flesh surrounding the wound was hot, pink and tender.
The doctor’s brow furrowed as he poked around, speaking in low tones to the nurse, who scurried away.
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Throughout Christendom, God has always held forth His torches of truth. He called out faithful men to pull drifting doctrine back to the cross-centered gospel while addressing the questions of their time with truth, grace and clarity.
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