The Bridge


The Bridge

Across the canyon stretched a bridge; it was my only way across.
A frothing river thundered far below as I eyed the path of wooden slats extending into the mist. My guide extended his hand and beckoned that I follow.

“Trust me,” he said. 

My pounding heart echoed the crashing river; I fought the urge to peer into the yawning chasm below.  Locking eyes with my guide, I stepped onto the bridge. It swayed and creaked, yet step by step I followed the suspended path above the canyon. Before I knew it, I was on solid ground again.
My guide laughed, “I said you could trust me!” he said.

Millenia ago, another bridge extended across a great chasm. However, this bridge extended across a greater divide—the chasm between fallen mankind and God.   In John’s gospel, the grand story of God’s redemption of mankind is played out. It relays how God became the Bridge to reach mankind.  In the prologue, the apostle draws aside the curtains of time and space, beckoning us to peer into eternity past. In eternity past there is a Person, who is God, but who is entirely separate from God. Through this Person, all things were created—without him nothing was made that has been made.

 From this Person, all life emanated.

 From this Person, all light emanated.

He created a perfect world where humans and God and man walked in unbroken relationship. However, the humans He created, succumbed to deception and rebelled against Him. They chose darkness and death rather than light and life. In order to restore the severed relationship, there must be a Bridge.   

This Bridge is the Light from heaven shining into this worlds’ darkness.  The Bridge made Himself human and dwelt among us.  He came into the creation He made, to save the people He created. He came to make the Heavenly understandable to mortals and be the Bridge of Light back to God. This Person, from eternity past is Jesus Christ.  He came not only to point out the route of reconciliation, but to be the route. He is the way. He is the path. He is the door by which we enter that reconciled relationship with God. It is stated in John’s gospel this way: “He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God—children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God. (John 1:11-13)

 “. . . to those who believed in His name. . . “.

To those who believe Jesus is exactly who He claimed to be—God Incarnate, and to believe in His mission to earth, He gave the right to become children of God. The Apostle refers to becoming a child of God as a rebirth—being born of God, a rebirth that happens as we “. . .believe in his name. . .”.

Since He came from eternity past to bridge the chasm between God and mankind and rescue each of us, let’s lean in closely to hear each word preserved through the pen of the apostle. Let’s watch closely to how His mission plays out. Who does He claim to be? What is His mission and how do His actions bear it out?

The Apostle proclaims Jesus is our bridge across the chasm, our only hope of reaching the other side. Our Guide, our Bridge locks eyes with each of us, peers deeply into our souls and asks, “Who do you say I am?”. Our answer to that question will determine our response as He extends His hand, beckons we follow, and says, “Trust me!”.

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Alisa Bonham
Alisa Bonham
1 year ago

The blood of Jesus washes me. Beautiful.

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